I won a Rhysling Award?!

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Rhysling winners 2019

The Rhysling Award is the top award within science fiction, fantasy, and speculative poetry, as voted on by members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA). I’ve had poetry make finalist for like four years now–but this is no short list. The nominees fill an entire small book, and these poems are GOOD. Like, make you cry or gasp in reaction kind-of-good. I’ve always been happy to have my poems hang with that crowd.

This year, something bonkers happened. I WON. My poem “After Her Brother Ripped the Heads from Her Paper Dolls,” published in Mythic Delirium, won 1st place in the short poetry division. Even more bonkers, I also placed 2nd in the long form category with “The Fairies in the Crawlspace,” published in Uncanny Magazine.

Thanks to everyone who voted for my poems. I remain gobsmacked by this honor.


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Interview with F&SF about my poem “My Ghost Will Know the Way”

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My poem “My Ghost Will Know the Way” is in the July/August issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine. (Allow me to pause and happily flail about that for the hundredth time.) I was recently interviewed about the inspiration behind the poem. Read that here!

This is a very personal poem for me (as the interview explains), and the positive reactions to it have added much-needed brightness to my life this month.


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Published in F&SF! ZOMG!

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Words that I have wanted to read in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction since I was a teenager: “…Beth Cato makes her first appearance in F&SF…”

That’s right, I’m in the new July/August issue of F&SF. I have yet to bust in with a full story, but by golly, I made it in with a poem. I AM PUBLISHED IN ONE OF MY DREAM PUBLICATIONS.

Plus, it’s a very personal poem. “My Ghost Will Know the Way” is a fictionalized autobiographical work. Read it, and you’ll know what I was like at age 10, scrounging around the ditch next door for rocks that just might contain a spark of something more, and always with a posse of cats in my wake.

You can buy the issue in paper at most any US bookstore with a sizable magazine collection and it’s sold worldwide, too. Plus, you can get it digitally. Lots of info about purchasing it can be found here, and do check out the full table of contents. The issue promises to be awesome.


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Catching Up on New Publications

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I hate it when I fall behind on website updates, but sometimes it just can’t be helped. January brought a barrage of small projects, and then my edits for Roar of Sky dropped on me at the end of the month. February was alllll about book edits. I finally have those done–the first stage, anyway–and now I’m trying to catch up on the stuff I fell behind on during February. Whee! The grand circle of life, for a writer.

All that said, my bibliography page is now up-to-date with the latest fiction, poetry, and podcasts! Here are the newest additions:

Short story:
“The Library is Open,” Daily Science Fiction

“After Her Brother Ripped the Heads from Her Paper Dolls,” Mythic Delirium issue 4.3
“This Body Made,” Mythic Delirium issue 4.3
“Call Me Home Again, Child,” Spirit’s Tincture Issue 5
“Porom,” Special Feature for Skiffy and Fanty’s Month of Joy
“The Stars Sing,” Star*line 41.1
“So Old” and “Border Cowboy at the Border,” Grievous Angel

Read for Pixels 2018 (IWD Edition): Beth Cato Reading+Q&A Session
O&F Podcast, Ep. 177: Beth Cato


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New Story at DSF and a Special Poem at Skiffy and Fanty

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The year has started of with some pretty cool things. First of all, Daily Science Fiction posted a new post-apocalyptic story of mine. “The Library is Open” is about libraries, and more.

The awesome site and podcast Skiffy and Fanty just debuted a new website, and to celebrate, they invited back many of their past contributors to take part in a month of joy. I wrote up a post that evolved into a poem… a very special, personal poem about my Porom, and loss, and love. Yeah, yeah, leave it to me to take the subject of joy and create something that makes people cry.

Porom with books

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New Publications for December 2017

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Life hasn’t been kind the past while, and I’ve fallen behind on posting my latest publications. My Bibliography page is now up to date; these are the new additions:

“Powers of Observation,” Nature

“Wayfaring King,” Star*line 40.4

Toasted Cake 155: So You Have Been Claimed by a Magical Cat by Beth Cato (original story)
Storypunks Podcast #4: Interview with Beth Cato
Archivos Brainstorm with Guest Host Beth Cato
Archivos Insights Podcast: Interview with Beth Cato


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