New story at Daily Science Fiction: “The Best Horses Are Found in the Sea…”

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“The Best Horses Are Found in the Sea, and Other Horse Tales to Emerge Since the Rise” might be my longest story title ever, and it’s the title of my latest story at Daily Science Fiction. It’s a thousand-word look at a far-future California where horses are the stuff of mythology.


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Read an Excerpt of my Monarchies of Mau story

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Tales of Excellent CatsWhether you just love a good fantasy story or perhaps are looking to delve into a new RPG setting for 2020, check out this excerpt of my story “By Footpad and Clenched Paw” over at Onyx Path Publishing. My story, about a young cleric with a chronic health condition and a murder to solve, is set in the fantasy world of the Monarchies of Mau. Think fantasy world with magic and quests and all the classic trappings, along with mysterious leftovers from human civilization. Oh, and giant cats. (If you prefer dogs, look up Pugmire, the elevated-canine aspect of this setting.)

This story is a special one, a tribute to my beloved cat Porom who died of kidney disease a little over two years ago.


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New Publication Flood!

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Publishing is weird. Stories and poems get accepted and could be published a week later or the next year. It seems like once or twice a year, weird timing kicks in and a whole bunch of things end up published at the same time. This is one of those times.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: 101 Tales of Holiday Love and WonderNew stories:
“The Wind Knows All” in Nature (plus, a blog post on the story behind the story)
– nonfiction “The Advent of New Holiday Traditions” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas [Amazon affiliate link]

– “Old Coyote” in Eye to the Telescope Issue 34: Tricksters
– three poems in Daikaijuzine: “A Purring Cat is a Time Machine,” “Dollar Store Monsters,” and “Drought and Dryad”


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New Story: “By Footpad and Clenched Paw” set in the Monarchies of Mau

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Tales of Excellent CatsRole-playing games have played a major part in my life and in my writing. Therefore, I’m quite tickled to have a story within in an RPG setting–one featuring magic and cats! Tales of Excellent Cats is set in the world of Monarchies of Mau. This anthology features a very me kind of story about a cleric who tends to others even as she struggles with an incurable disease. There’s murder, sword-fighting, and of course, a requisite tavern scene.

The full table of contents for the book is amazing, with 14 stories edited by Melanie Meadors: Karen Bovenmyer, Joseph D. Carriker Jr., ZZ Claybourne, Elaine Cunningham, Erin M. Evans, Steven S. Long, Lee Murray, Errick A. Nunnally, Aaron Rosenberg, Lucy A. Snyder, Monica Valentinelli, Sabrina Vourvoulias, and LaShawn M. Wanak.

You can buy Tales of Excellent Cats in ebook at Amazon, and in PDF or print through DriveThruFiction.


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New Story at Daily Science Fiction: “Clouds Gleam Across Her Eyes”

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Daily Science Fiction just published my story “Clouds Gleam Across Her Eyes,” my take on the Chosen One trope from the mother’s perspective. A great deal of the inspiration for it comes from Terminator 2, but I gave it a fantasy bent. I’ve had incredible reactions to the story so far–incredibly good reactions, at that! Take a look–it’s under 1000 words–and let me know what you think, too!

In the meantime, I’ll be over here holding a massive bread pillow. As one does.

Beth with massive bread pillow

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What’s New in May

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– The F is for Fairy anthology is out NOW! I wrote the story for the letter Z. Get the book in print or ebook.

– I can now say I’ll have stories in TWO Chicken Soup for the Soul books this year: Life Lessons from the Cat (released on May 14th) and It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas (October 14th).

Future SF Issue 2 includes my story about a cat lady on the moon, “The Peculiar Gravity of Home.” Wulf Moon narrated a fantastic podcast version. Kirkus Reviews had incredibly nice things to say about it, too.

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