New Story: “By Footpad and Clenched Paw” set in the Monarchies of Mau

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Tales of Excellent CatsRole-playing games have played a major part in my life and in my writing. Therefore, I’m quite tickled to have a story within in an RPG setting–one featuring magic and cats! Tales of Excellent Cats is set in the world of Monarchies of Mau. This anthology features a very me kind of story about a cleric who tends to others even as she struggles with an incurable disease. There’s murder, sword-fighting, and of course, a requisite tavern scene.

The full table of contents for the book is amazing, with 14 stories edited by Melanie Meadors: Karen Bovenmyer, Joseph D. Carriker Jr., ZZ Claybourne, Elaine Cunningham, Erin M. Evans, Steven S. Long, Lee Murray, Errick A. Nunnally, Aaron Rosenberg, Lucy A. Snyder, Monica Valentinelli, Sabrina Vourvoulias, and LaShawn M. Wanak.

You can buy Tales of Excellent Cats in ebook at Amazon, and in PDF or print through DriveThruFiction.


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New Story at Daily Science Fiction: “Clouds Gleam Across Her Eyes”

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Daily Science Fiction just published my story “Clouds Gleam Across Her Eyes,” my take on the Chosen One trope from the mother’s perspective. A great deal of the inspiration for it comes from Terminator 2, but I gave it a fantasy bent. I’ve had incredible reactions to the story so far–incredibly good reactions, at that! Take a look–it’s under 1000 words–and let me know what you think, too!

In the meantime, I’ll be over here holding a massive bread pillow. As one does.

Beth with massive bread pillow

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What’s New in May

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– The F is for Fairy anthology is out NOW! I wrote the story for the letter Z. Get the book in print or ebook.

– I can now say I’ll have stories in TWO Chicken Soup for the Soul books this year: Life Lessons from the Cat (released on May 14th) and It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas (October 14th).

Future SF Issue 2 includes my story about a cat lady on the moon, “The Peculiar Gravity of Home.” Wulf Moon narrated a fantastic podcast version. Kirkus Reviews had incredibly nice things to say about it, too.

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F is for Fairy: Preorder NOW — Plus Book Bloggers Can Get it Early!

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I’m happy to announce I’ll have a story in Rhonda Parrish’s next Alphabet Anthology. This one explores one of my favorite subjects: FAIRIES. I was assigned the letter Z, so I cap off the book!

F is for Fairy

The book is now available for preorder at all of the usual places for $2.99 (2.29 in the UK); that price will go up on release day, May 7th. | | | Kobo | iBooks | B&N

Add it to your wish list at Goodreads!

Book bloggers, take note! There are ARCs available on BookSprout. Please spread the word.


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New Story at Beneath Ceaseless Skies PLUS a Book Giveaway Tomorrow

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Beneath Ceaseless Skies just published a new story of mine called “The Blighted Godling of Company Town H.” It’s about manufactured gods, bureaucratic magic, and nuclear waste. It can be read online for free–and you can download or play the story narrated by the wonderful Tina Connolly!

That’s not all! Beneath Ceaseless Skies is also hosting a giveaway of my story collection Red Dust and Dancing Horses. To quote the details:

This giveaway will take place Wednesday Jan. 9 on the BCS Twitter feed @BCSmagazine. It will run from 2 PM EST until 5 PM EST.

To enter, all you need to do is tweet what your favorite fairy story from BCS is.

If you haven’t read any stories at BCS, this is a great time to start! My previous story there qualifies, and the contest page lists a number of their other fairy tale stories. Good luck–and happy reading!

Red Dust cover


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2018 Work for Award Consideration

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All the cool kids are doing it, so I suppose I should raise my hand from the shadows. It’s award nominations time!

I have only one work that I’m putting forth for consideration, in the short story category:
“To This You Cling, With Jagged Fingernails” published in Fireside Magazine in July 2017.

The story has had some nice notice, including a review at the B&N SFF Blog that said, “Cato perfectly captures the bittersweet moment when you feel the magic of childhood slip away, a moment haunted by sadness, and by the loneliness you can feel in a crowd when you think no one else feels the same, or as deeply, as you.”

Quick Sip Reviews wrote a beautiful review, saying, “It’s a graceful read, though, careful and with a blush of defiance, a hope that maybe magic isn’t just for those too young to know better.”

The story is also included on the SFWA Nebula Reading List.


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