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CALL OF FIRE cover reveal at The Mary Sue!

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The sequel to Breath of Earth has a cover, and it’s glorious and fiery! You can see the exclusive cover reveal for Call of Fire today over at The Mary Sue.

zootopia sloth gif


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New Cato Log Out Tomorrow

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I’ve been remiss in updating my blog because BOOK EDITS. ALL MONTH. The good news: as of this morning, a shiny new version of Call of Fire has been sent along to my editor. Huzzah! Now to catch up on a dozen other things before I dive headfirst into my next project.

First up: a new edition of the Cato Log will be deployed to email inboxes worldwide tomorrow. Sign up now so you can get an advance Bready or Not recipe for Maple Pecan Pie Bars, plus all of October’s recipes in one spot! Oh yeah, and book news, too.


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Happy Halloween to all… and perhaps more importantly, Happy Clearance Candy Day tomorrow!


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27 days to an 88000-word rough draft

Posted by on Jan 28, 2016 in Blog, call of fire | 1 comment

Things I do not recommend:
-using a hair dryer while sitting in a bathtub of water
-crossing a street while texting
-writing a rough draft novel in 27 days

Sure, it’s cool to be able to say “I wrote a book in 27 days!” but there are a lot of negatives around that, too. Like… barely leaving the house. Being a nervous wreck when I did leave the house.


When I told my husband that the draft of Call of Fire was done, his response was to cheer and say, “Yay! I’ve got my wifey back!” According to him, I am a frazzled wreck when I’m in the thick of revisions, too, but nothing compares to that first draft stage.

I have taken things a bit easier today, but it’s not a day off. I’m already starting on revisions. This book needs fixin’.


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Breath of Earth Cover Reveal

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Blog, breath of earth, call of fire | Comments Off

I started work on Breath of Earth about three years ago. After all that time daydreaming about the book selling, about what the cover might be like… today it finally feels real.

Go to and see the full cover reveal post! There are photos of the model from the cover shoot. Check out how things evolved to the final version. Squee!


Meanwhile, here’s my January word count on the sequel! I need to start on my words for today.



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50k words in 15 Days

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I passed 50,000 words yesterday on January 15th. Fifteen days to write 50k on Call of Fire. I think that’s a record for me. o_0

I also managed to strain my eyes in the process, which I really don’t recommend. The pain has eased off somewhat today but is still very much there, so I am making myself take it easier. More breaks away from the computer. Just pushing to my minimum word count and no more… which is a real challenge because this section has escalating action and is easy to write.

However, as I work on this blog post and see white spots as I type, it acts as a reminder that I should get away from the computer, period. Going blind is a bad thing. Pain is a bad thing.

Time to go offline and rest. More words tomorrow.

Sleepy Kitten


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25000 words

Posted by on Jan 8, 2016 in Blog, call of fire | 2 comments

I started Call of Fire on January 1st. In one week, I have written 25,000 words. This is a good thing… and a bad thing. I am enormously stressed. I am actually making myself slow down at this point, as I need to get other things done and actually leave the house sometimes.

This gif is an accurate depiction of my mental state.


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