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#TwitterFiction LIVE

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It’s time! Come over to my Twitter account, @BethCato, for two hours of poetry and story-starters. Reply, favorite, retweet–and, hopefully, enjoy!

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#TwitterFiction Tomorrow!

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The #TwitterFiction Festival is ongoing through May 15th! My slot is tomorrow, Wednesday, from 11am-1pm Pacific Time (2pm-4pm Eastern). You can look up other time zones, too.

It’s very easy to follow along live. My Twitter account is public so you don’t need an account to read along. I’m doing two things: posting poems (with some repeated in graphic form), and also posting tweet-sized stories designed to act as story or creative prompts. Be inspired! Posts will go up every few minutes and the subjects are diverse.

The good news is that this is Twitter and if you can’t follow along live, that’s no big deal. The whole archive will be on @BethCato and will also be on

I hope some of you will follow along and retweet your favorites! I’m excited to see what will happen.

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Links and Things

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It’s end of the month catch-up-time here. I spent the weekend revising a big batch of poems I wrote during November Poem-A-Day–yes, I’m that behind on things. The next order of business will involve sending out poems (poetry editors: brace yourselves). I have a month until Phoenix Comicon (my panel schedule is online!) followed by the release of Clockwork Crown, so life will soon escalate in craziness.

And hey, there’s a lot of other cool stuff to share, too.

– Have you ever wondered what a literary publicist actually does? One of my fellow Harper Voyager authors interviewed our publicist!

– Author Teresa Frohock invited me to her blog, where I discuss medicine and magic in “The Deepest Poison” and The Clockwork Dagger series. If you want to read about World War I medicine, I list the books I used as sources!

– Editor Rhonda Parrish revealed the cover for B is for Broken. I have a flash story in here for the letter K. There’s also a Goodreads giveaway to win a copy of the book.

B is for Broken

I have two new, very different interviews up:
– AFE Smith asks me about the books and goodies I’d bring to a desert island.
– Rhonda Parrish questions me about my story in the FAE anthology over at World Weaver Press.

Tomorrow is the release day for “The Deepest Poison!” Whee!

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Poetry and Locus

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My poems “After” and “The Selkie Visits the Beach (Six Months After Losing Her Pelt)” were just published in Grievous Angel.

On the subject of poetry, my “Mama Gonna Fight” poem in March’s Apex Magazine was well-reviewed at Quick Sip Reviews..

Clockwork DaggerNow to something else that’s nifty.

I mentioned a while back that Locus Magazine had The Clockwork Dagger on their short list of best 1st novels for 2014. Well, it’s now time for people to vote for the annual Locus Awards, and as a recommended read, my book is already included on the ballot.

One thing that sets these awards apart from the other major genre awards is that ANYONE can vote. All you need to do is fill in your name, email, and vote in whatever category you want. The ballot is huge. You don’t have to fill in everything.

Take a look and vote! The deadline is April 15th.

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Awards Consideration for 2014

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It’s award season for genre fiction writers, that time when last year’s works are being considered for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards. I had a few things published in 2014 that I’d like folks to keep in mind.

Foremost of all, there’s this book called The Clockwork Dagger.

Clockwork Dagger

In the short story category:

As for works that I plan to vote for, I list those over on Novelocity. It’s a great post where my fellow authors Fran Wilde, Michael R. Underwood, Tina Connolly, and Ken Liu also chime in with their favorites.

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So Many Links

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I am behind on All the Things. See, last week I finished up the novella I worked on for five days in November. Then I gave myself the severe deadline of finishing the first revision pass before the end of the month. Oh boy. That was mean of me. It’s been a very intense rewrite of a very bloated, crappy rough draft. It still needs a lot more work but that first pass is done and now I can catch up on other things, like my blog.

HI, GUYS. Let’s get all caught up, shall we?

– I was interviewed on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast. You can watch the full video or download the audio alone. I talk about my experience with Harper Voyager, my writing background, Dragon Quest slimes, and the Holy Taco Church. As one does.


– Also on the subject of podcasts, at Skiffy and Fantasy Michael R. Underwood gave Clockwork Crown a shout-out as among his most anticipated reads of 2015. He’s at the 30 minute mark. The whole podcast is very interesting, the sort that’s dangerous for your book wish list.


Miss Hyde

– I’m REALLY EXCITED (CAPSLOCK!!!!) that I have an article on That Was Awesome: The Power of Voice in The Diabolical Miss Hyde. This is a new steampunk book out from Voyager in a few weeks. It’s really good, very intense, definitely on that borderline with horror.

– My recipe at the Holy Taco Church this month is a healthy one: Butternut Squash and Chickpea Tacos.

– Awesome Australian Pete Aldin interviewed me: On CLOCKWORK DAGGER, 5 Questions and 1 Statement.

I had a bunch of new poems come out this month as well!
“When Death Rides Among Puppets” is in Eye to the Telescope
– “Time Traveler’s Diagnosis,” “Loophole,” “The Border Cowboy in Fairyland,” and “The Border Cowboy’s Smile” are in Star*line 38.1. Follow that link and you can read “Loophole,” which is very short.

I think that’s everything? Maybe? Anything else can wait for another post. A long to-do list awaits!

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