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This page lists my published works of fiction and nonfiction, with the newest items listed toward the top. If you’re looking for my novels, go directly to the pages for The Clockwork Dagger series and Blood of Earth Trilogy.

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Red Dust cover

Red Dust and Dancing Horses and Other Stories

A novel-length collection featuring 28 stories and 6 poems.
published by Fairwood Press
paperback & ebook

Short Stories


Guest Blogs



  • “Powers of Observation,” Science Fiction World Junior (10/2021)
  • “Hatchlings,” translated into Chinese in Science Fiction World Junior (10/2020)
  • “Red Dust and Dancing Horses,” cover story, translated in Chinese in Science Fiction World Junior (12/2019)
  • “Powers of Observation” translated as “How to Become a Good Scientist” in Arabic at Arabic Nature Magazine
  • “Human is Late to Feed the Cat” translated as “Hungry Cat” in German at Spektrum (Nature Magazine)
  • “Bread of Life” in Arabic at Arabic Nature Magazine
  • “Post Apocalyptic Conversations with a Sidewalk” translated as “My Friend, the Walkway” in German at Spektrum (Nature Magazine)
  • “Reading Time,” translated by Alireza Ajali into Persian, published in Farheekhtegan in Iran

Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies and Other Nonfiction


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