Recent Poetry Publications

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… And by recent, I mean the latter half of 2023. These updates have really fallen through the cracks as I’ve worked on other big projects since the move. I am now, however, temporarily caught up. Huzzah!


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New Publications for January

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New year, new month, and finally a chance to update my bibliography with my new releases. Here’s what is new!

Short Story

“Family Get-Together,” Nature (Dec 16 2022)


“Birthday Cake,” co-written with Rhonda Parrish, Dreams & Nightmares (issue 123 January 2023)
“The Deal” and “Lucky Shot,” co-written with Rhonda Parrish, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (Jan/Feb 2023)
“That Monster Beneath the Bed,” Haven Spec
“Following the White Horse,” Daikaijuzine


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Updated Bibliography December 2022

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The Bibliography page has been updated with an array of news and publications:

Big News:

“The Bookstore” (NewMyths) won long form Rhysling Award for 2022!

Short story:
“P is for Pet” (reprint), Paradoxical Pets anthology for middle grade readers

Translated short story:
“Raue Sitten” (Rough Manners) (originally “Canopy of Skulls”), (Oct 12 2022)

“The Library is Open” (reprint), Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast

“Doing Her Part to Combat Sexism in the Sciences” and “Mother, Grandmother, God,” Star*Line 45.3 Summer 2022

“Better Off,” Star*Line 45.4 Fall 2022

“Summer Evenings,” Frozen Wavelets issue 7


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“The Bookstore” won the long form Rhysling Award!

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2022 Long Form Rhysling winner

Wow. This was a shock. My poem “The Bookstore,” originally published in NewMyths #56/57, was recently announced as the winner of the long poem Rhysling Award. You can read the poem here.

This is a fictional autobiographical piece. I wrote it soon after my grandma died. I couldn’t go to the funeral. This poem imagines my visit to a very special bookstore, but many of the details throughout are true to my life. I wrote this in a single sitting, and it was an exercise of grief. That makes this level of recognition all the more extraordinary.


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Publications from Summer 2022

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Well, hi. There hasn’t been anything but scheduled-ahead Bready or Not posts over the past while because I have been in DEADLINE LAND. Deadline Land is a nightmarish place where you don’t leave the house except to acquire groceries and get your kid to therapy, and you write and write and write and panic and write some more AND THEN you get copyedits for another book and you then quietly scream.

I’m still in Deadline Land but the landscape has changed enough to grant me some catch-up time to update my bibliography and also compile those changes in this very post. Along with the new short stories, poems, and podcast linked below, I can also say that my book A Thousand Recipes for Revenge is now scheduled for release on June 13, 2023. I hope to have a cover to share soon!

New Short Stories

“Prognostiqueso,” Daily Science Fiction
“The 207th Time I Went Back to March 9, 1980,” Uncanny Magazine Issue 48 (Sept/Oct 2022)
“How to Creatively Host Cheese Parties During and After the Apocalypse,” Hexagon Magazine
“A Light in the Garden,” Nature


“Only Times,” Eye to the Telescope #45
“When As An Adult, You Choose to Again Believe in Magic,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July/August 2022
“In Spring, We Thanked the Wee Folk,” Kaleidotrope (Summer 2022)
“The Ship is Wrong,” Felis Futura [Amazon Affiliate link]


“Consider the Monsters” (reprint), Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast


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New Publications to End May

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I’ve had a smattering of new publications over the last month and now I finally have the chance to update my site! The Bibliography is now current. Here’s what is new:

Short stories:




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