Updated Bibliography December 2022

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The Bibliography page has been updated with an array of news and publications:

Big News:

“The Bookstore” (NewMyths) won long form Rhysling Award for 2022!

Short story:
“P is for Pet” (reprint), Paradoxical Pets anthology for middle grade readers

Translated short story:
“Raue Sitten” (Rough Manners) (originally “Canopy of Skulls”), Spektrum.de (Oct 12 2022)

“The Library is Open” (reprint), Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast

“Doing Her Part to Combat Sexism in the Sciences” and “Mother, Grandmother, God,” Star*Line 45.3 Summer 2022

“Better Off,” Star*Line 45.4 Fall 2022

“Summer Evenings,” Frozen Wavelets issue 7



  1. Hi, Beth. I just read your poem, “The Monster Beneath the Bed” in Haven Speculative and I was struck by several things. First – I liked the poem immensely. Second – I have had a poem published called “The Monster Under the Bed”. Third, I have lived in Hanford, a delightful little town. Fourth – I live in the Arizona desert near Tucson.

    My poem has no deep insights. It’s just an amusing piece about my beloved dog Ariel, who would scoot under my daughter’s bed and then growl fiercely at anyone who came near. Ariel was a dog with a sense of humor.

    I feel a little silly sending this note. But the simlarities are striking. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • I’m glad you sent your note! It’s funny how we have many parallels between our lives. I’m always happy when I find someone who even knows where Hanford is! Happy new year wishes to you as well.