Blood of Earth Trilogy

blood of earth triptych
Blood of Earth trilogy Breath of Earth, Call of Fire, Roar of Sky

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Research Bibliography

The world of the Blood of Earth trilogy, grim as it is, has basis in historical truth. Some historical and cultural changes within the books were deliberate. Other issues are likely the result of my ignorance; I did what I could to remedy that condition, but errors are inevitable.

I used many online resources, as well as the books listed below. Inclusion on this list doesn’t necessarily mean I endorse the material or think it’s an enjoyable read, but it does mean I acquired some useful information.

The links below go to the books’ listings on Amazon OR to a public domain download site for old books. If there is no link, that means the book or article is out of print and must be found elsewhere. If you have any questions regarding the bibliography, reach out to me via the CONTACT ME link on the top menu.

If you are sensitive to spoilers, don’t scroll down! This bibliography contains hints about the plots of all three books in the series.

Breath of Earth sources

San Francisco Around 1906

Early Twentieth-Century America (General)

  • Sears Roebuck and Co. Fall 1900 Catalog (reproduction)
  • How to Shoot a Revolver: A Simple and Easy Method for Becoming an Expert Revolver Shot by Colonel William Preble Hall (with thanks to Walter P. and Donna for the gift!)

Earthquakes and Things That Go Boom

Theodore Roosevelt

Fun with Poison

Call of Fire sources

Japan, Its Mythology

Early 20th Century America (General)

Native American Tales

Theodore Roosevelt


China, Its Mythology, and Chinese in America

Roar of Sky sources


Early 20th Century America (General)