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Where can I buy The Clockwork Dagger and The Clockwork Crown?

The books are published by the Voyager imprint of Harper Collins, one of the five biggest publishers in the world. You can find direct links to online booksellers on my bibliography page.


How many books are in the series?

It's a duology, meaning it's two books: The Clockwork Dagger and then The Clockwork Crown. That said, there are two additional short stories and a novella set in the same world that can be purchased separately and as a collection. You can find out about those over here.


Is there a particular order to read the full series?

The additional stories are constructed to stand on their own, but it's unavoidable that they may contain some spoilers if you then proceed to read the novels. If that's a concern for you, here is the recommended reading order for the series:

  • The Clockwork Dagger (Novel #1)
  • The Deepest Poison: Story (though chronologically takes places months before The Clockwork Dagger)
  • The Clockwork Crown (Novel #2)
  • Wings of Sorrow and Bone: Novella (after Clockwork Crown)
  • The Final Flight: Story (after Clockwork Crown)


Are audiobooks available?

Alas, no. I'll update if I have news.


Are there other options for sight-impaired book lovers?

Yes! If you’re in the United States, there is also a service called BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) provided by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS). Book lovers can download books from a database of 65,000 titles. The Clockwork Dagger is available for download for approved NLS devices, and The Clockwork Crown is in process. They can also mail some materials. Here’s where you can find out more about the program and how to enroll.

The Clockwork Dagger series is also available on a paid subscription site called Book Share.


Can I get your books at my library?

I hope so? If your library doesn't carry them, you can request that they buy them. The result: you might just get to read this steampunk adventure book for free, and I will adore you.


Are you doing a book tour?

I travel when I can! Look at the column on the right side of the screen to see where you can find me in person.


Are these romance books? How graphic are they?

The books are really more about adventure and mystery with an epic fantasy vibe. There is romance, but it's not the main plot. In keeping with steampunk, my characters act fairly restrained and proper. There's nothing sexually graphic, and the profanity doesn't get worse than a few instances of "damn." I've had reports from happy readers as young as ten and as old as eighty-something. My books are actually a lot tamer than many YA books these days.

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