A Mention to Mention

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in Blog, public speaking | Comments Off on A Mention to Mention

Clockwork DaggerWith my book coming out soon, I can’t help but be paranoid about people talking about me. But this isn’t junior high–I want them to talk about me. Book sales are all about generating buzz. However, Google Alerts haven’t worked in years.

Lo and behold, I was keenly interested in an SFWA blog on Finding Replacements for Google Alerts by Caren Gussoff. She listed two replacement options, and I decided to give one a try: Mention.

I’ve been using Mention for a week now and I am very pleased. Every day it’s sending me links–a few are old, but most are new. I’ve found out about a number of book blogs spreading the word about two upcoming anthologies I’m in, FAE and A is for Apocalypse, and there’ve also been some positive mentions of The Clockwork Dagger on Absolute Write, Twitter, and major fan sites.

If you want to monitor key words online, you might want to give Mention a try.

[Now I’m curious if Mention will alert Caren Gussoff that I mentioned her name. I hope so. I want to tell her thanks!]