Book Blog: Mahimata (Asiana #2) by Rati Mehrotra

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I review everything I read and post reviews on Goodreads and LibraryThing. That’s not enough. Good books are meant to be shared. Therefore, I’m spotlighting some of my favorite reads here on my site.

Mahimata by Rati Mehrotra

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Mahimata is the second book in a duology and will be released on March 5th. I had both books supplied to me gratis by the publisher (also my publisher) and loved both. If you haven’t read the first book, seriously, get it NOW and preorder the second book.

This is what I said about book one:
Markswoman is a breathlessly-paced post-apocalyptic fantasy with a highly original setting and characters you can’t help but love (and hate).” To add to that: Post-apocalyptic magical knife-wielding female assassins FTW.

Rati Mehrotra’s Asiana duology comes to a fantastic conclusion in Mahimata. In this Asian-inspired fantasy settings with unique sci-fi twists, Kyra is a highly-trained assassin telekinetically bound with her blade. Her world has erupted in war. Her sect has fought against local wyr-wolves for centuries, but now a greater–human–threat has emerged and threatens to take over Asiana. In the turbulence of the first book, Kyra met and fell for Rustan, of a rival sect–and also almost died. As Mahimata begins, she struggles to recover physically and reconcile herself with what she has learned about her sect, her power, and her world.

The action is intense and well-grounded in genuine emotions. I especially love how the wyr-wolves developed. This is a book all about maturity and growth for both Kyra and Rustan as they fight to save their people at great cost. I’m sorry to see the series end, but this conclusion truly hits all the right notes.