Breath of Earth excerpt, links, and interviews

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Release week. It is always crazy, but this week has been especially so with WorldCon, travel woes getting home, a migraine, and family visit. I’ve been preparing for this for months (thank goodness!) and now that work is suddenly visible in the form of guest blogs and interviews all over the place.

Breath of EarthExcerpt:
– A bit of banter between Ingrid and Cy is featured at USA Today’s Happily Ever After.

Reviews that made me squeal: reviewed Breath of Earth, saying: “Cato’s exhaustive research of the time and place gives the book texture and grit, and she hasn’t whitewashed what was a very problematic chapter of America’s history… It may take place in an alternate universe over a hundred years ago, but it deals with the issues of xenophobia, racism, sexism and anti-immigrant hatred set against a backdrop of perpetual war, a situation that feels familiar today. Rather than taking a soapbox stand, Breath of Earth makes its points as a witty, charming adventure yarn — one that’s only as escapist as you want to be.”
The B&N Scifi & Fantasy Blog: “While the set-pieces are often spectacular and fantastic, the world- building is the real show-stopping effort. This is not just a dirigible ride for the fun of it (though it is fun), but a journey with meaning and purpose.”

Nice mentions:
– Included in The Verge’s list of best science fiction and fantasy books coming out in August.
– Highlighted by among B&N Bookseller’s Picks: The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of August 2016.
– Included on Goodread’s 7 Great Books Hitting Shelves Today.

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Guest blogs:
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