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Where can I buy Breath of EarthCall of Fire and Roar of Sky?

Anywhere new books are sold! The books are published by the Voyager imprint of Harper Collins, one of the five biggest publishers in the world. My bibliography has links to major booksellers.


Are there audiobooks?

Not at this time. I'll update if I have news.


Can I get your books at my library?

I sure hope so! They are carried at hundreds of libraries around the world, in print and in ebook. If your library doesn't carry my books, you can request that they buy them.


Are you doing a book tour?

I travel when I can! Look at the column on the right side of the screen to see where you can find me in person.


Are these romance books? Is there anything graphic? What about language?

Kissing book

There is a romantic subplot and sexual tension, which does lead to increased intimacy in the 2nd and 3rd books. That said, I really am not keen on writing graphic sex scenes. Just not my thing. The profanity is limited to blasphemy, "damn," and some racial slurs in keeping with the time period. Overall, the language and sexual content is much milder than that of many YA books these days. If any parents or teachers want to ask more detailed questions, do feel free to reach out via my contact page.






Excerpt from Breath of Earth:

Trade reviews for Breath of Earth:

  • Locus Magazine offered an overwhelming positive review noting "a strong cast and an unconventional approach to alternate history and magic." Locus also included Breath of Earth on their list of notable books of October 2016.
  • reviewed Breath of Earth, saying: "Cato's exhaustive research of the time and place gives the book texture and grit, and she hasn't whitewashed what was a very problematic chapter of America's history... It may take place in an alternate universe over a hundred years ago, but it deals with the issues of xenophobia, racism, sexism and anti-immigrant hatred set against a backdrop of perpetual war, a situation that feels familiar today. Rather than taking a soapbox stand, Breath of Earth makes its points as a witty, charming adventure yarn — one that's only as escapist as you want to be."
  • Library Journal starred review: "The acclaimed Cato (The Clockwork Dagger) creates an alternate early 20th-century San Francisco of stunning detail. Drawing on the power struggles of the refugees and women’s work, this vivid reality will keep readers intrigued to the very end."
  • Book List starred review: "Cato, author of the Clockwork Dagger books, begins a new steampunk fantasy series with supernatural creatures, action-packed adventure, mystery, humor, a touch of romance, and more to come." "The steampunk aspects, along with the mixture of real historical events and timely social issues, will appeal to teens."
  • The B&N Scifi & Fantasy Blog: "While the set-pieces are often spectacular and fantastic, the world- building is the real show-stopping effort. This is not just a dirigible ride for the fun of it (though it is fun), but a journey with meaning and purpose."
  • RT Book Reviews: "...Her marvelous star is multi-faceted and her co-stars are colorful. Her fantastical fiction is unique and adding historical facts with era-perfect depiction of a bawdy Barbary Coast adds believability."
  • Publishers Weekly: "Steampunk author Cato (The Clockwork Dagger) turns to the U.S. in this well-researched and vivid fantasy set in an alternate 1906 San Francisco that’s protected from earthquakes by geomancers.... Cato cleverly brings her colorful Barbary Coast–era San Francisco to life, highlighting the neglected perspectives of the outsiders and the dispossessed who made up the majority of its populace."
  • Kirkus: "In a novel that imagines a very alternate history, Cato (The Clockwork Crown, 2015, etc.) channels her flair for steampunk fantasy into the story of a plucky heroine living in San Francisco in 1906…Cato has a talent for setting in motion a cast of smoothly likable characters."

Kind mentions of Breath of Earth:


Trade reviews for Call of Fire:

  • Booklist: "Fans will be eager to see what comes next in this action-packed steampunk adventure series."
  • Four star review in RT Book Reviews: "Cato’s second in her Breath of Earth trilogy is a powerful, fast-paced, entertaining enigma, a fantastic melding of alternate history and urban fantasy with a definite taste of steampunk thrown in. Memorable costars, a protagonist with real star power, picturesque scenes and her use of mythical Asian creatures, plus flowing dialogue, make it a real page-turner."
  • Starred review Publishers Weekly: "Cato brings increased nuance and skilled characterization to her second Breath of Earth historical fantasy (after Breath of Earth), set in an alternate early-20th-century San Francisco... [the author] ably juggles historical fact and fantastical elements to create an alternate 1900s America as finely adorned with Asiatic touches as the modified kimono that Ingrid wears. Her characters of all backgrounds share traits such as a love of family that emphasize their kinship even as power, politics, and racial enmity drive them to war."
  • Starred review Library Journal: VERDICT Cato’s sequel to Breath of Earth takes readers further into an alternate turn-of-the-20th-century America, wrapping a dark time in U.S. history in a bright fantasy veneer. The incorporation of sympathetic characters results in a gritty, imaginative, and unforgettable read.
  • Great review in Kirkus: "The plot moves briskly through a series of chases and fights, and while the book builds on the complicated world of this alternate history, it remains simple, entertaining, and difficult to put down. Cato’s skill at creating engaging characters shines throughout."


Kind mentions of Call of Fire:


Trade reviews for Roar of Sky:

  • Booklist: "Mythology, racial tension, global conquest, humor, history, and romance all intertwine again in this dramatic conclusion to Cato’s Blood of Earth trilogy... Steampunk fans will be thoroughly pleased with the culmination of this fabulous fantasy adventure."
  • Publishers Weekly, Starred Review: "Cato skillfully arranges her scenes to underscore the emotional strengths that propel her characters to be “audacious and brave,” and empathy and redemption are at the heart of her tale. This is a sterling conclusion to a strong series."


Kind mentions of Roar of Sky:

  • Barnes & Noble SFF Blog: The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of October 2018: "Cato’s historically grounded worldbuilding and fierce protagonist have made this series a highlight of the past three years; we’re sorry to see this series reach its ending—but what a climactic ending it is."

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