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There are interviews with me in the two big Phoenix newspapers. I’m still gobsmacked about this.
Buckeye author Beth Cato at Changing Hands Sept. 19

Beth Cato on The Clockwork Dagger, Her Debut Steampunk/Fantasy Novel


Plus, I continue to visit fantastic blogs in the far reaches of the internet!

– Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds, where I discuss novel writing and depression in ACME Anvils and the Long Unicorn Ride to Publication.

– Literary Escapism, where I talk about the book’s Supporting Cast.

– Heroes and Heartbreakers with a list of Seven Steamy Steampunk Couples!

– No More Grumpy Bookseller with a guest post on Colorful Secondary Worlds.


The Big Blog Tour continues! Win a book and a parasol!

Clockwork Dagger