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I’m still wandering about the internet, though not in the frantic style I was a few weeks ago (thank goodness!). I’ve actually been working on FICTION again. It feels good! These past few days, I tore apart a story I wrote back in August, one I mentally worked on for months because the subject matter intimidated me. That makes me feel even more accomplished now that it’s coming together.

I wrote another new story at the end of September, too. That one is being critiqued right now. I hope to start work on those edits soon. I love this later stage of revisions… once I figure out what I’m doing.

New poetry publications:
“Grandfather and Granddaughter (Age 5),” Devilfish Review
“Nisei” and “Seeds” (reprinted), Mythic Delirium Anthology; available in all formats

Socializing in happily geeky ways:
SF Signal: Words We Learned From Genre Fiction

– Over at the Holy Taco Church, I amp up the pumpkin spice goodness with Pumpkin Cheesecake Sopapillas, which use fast ingredients from the store.

Guest blogging about the book:
“Romance in the Clockwork Dagger” at Reading Between the Wines

Really nice mentions of the book: Sleeps With Monsters: Books, Redux by Liz Bourke with a lovely mini review