Peripatetic Blogging and More

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Another happy review from a major site!

Kirkus Reviews, Top Picks for Speculative Fiction Reads in September: “This steampunk fantasy includes all the right elements for a rip-roaring adventure.”

New publication! A poem – “To Walk Upon Clouds” at

Holy Taco Church post for September–a review of Gadzooks, an acclaimed restaurant in downtown Phoenix!


I’m also blogging, uh, everywhere.

Essay: “How OWW inspired Me to Write Steampunk” in the September Online Writing Workshop Newsletter.

Chat Log from Wednesday’s #sffrtcht can be found here.

Clockwork Cookie Blog Tour

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles with Pam Wallace

Shokupan Bread with Lee Hallison

Buttery Beer Bread with Darusha Wehm

Cheap Korean-Style Beef with Jodi Scaife

Double Irish Cream Cookies with Erin Hartshorn

If I forgot something or someone, my apologies. The crazy OMG-BOOK-RELEASE stuff has definitely kicked in these past two days.