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Today’s the day! The second and final book of my Chefs of the Five Gods series is out now in trade paperback, ebook, and audiobook. A Feast for Starving Stone continues the adventures of Ada and Solenn as they strive to bring peace to the continent, and most importantly, to their own broken family. Princess Solenn plays an even bigger role this time around. In many ways, it’s a coming of age tale against a background of war and exceptionally good food.

Buy it everywhere online where books are sold, and request it in your local brick and mortar store (especially those indie stores that always need extra love). Also, please request that your local library buy the series!

Also: this coming Saturday, January 13th, I’ll be talking books, stories, and probably cheese at the Red Wing Public Library here in Minnesota. The event starts at 10am and will be downstairs in the Foot Room. I’ll have my signature cookies, and you can buy copies of my new series and my collection.