#sffwrtcht tonight and Reddit on the 16th

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Clockwork Dagger

Want to ask me questions about writing, The Clockwork Dagger, cookies, cats, or most anything else? You’ll have a few chances! Tonight I’m taking part in #SFFWRTCHT on Twitter. It’s a live hour-long chat conducted by editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt. It starts at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/6pm Pacific. You don’t have to be registered on Twitter to follow along through @sffwrtcht or #sffwrtcht, though you will need to be logged in to ask me questions.

On book release day on the 16th (less than two weeks away *gulp*) I’ll be doing an all-day Ask Me Anything (AMA) on reddit/Fantasy. I’ll set up the post early in the morning and you can drop in throughout the day to leave questions. I’ll be on there live (presuming I survived the day) at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/4pm Pacific to interact with folks and undergo the full inquisition.

Also, do check out my guest post 5 Surprises As a Debut Novelist. Thanks to J.W. Alden for hosting me!