Thursday Updates

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– My poem “Suddenly, a Unicorn” is up at Grievous Angel. Scroll down to find it.

– It’s always a bit intimidating when a friend reads your book. Will they like it?! Fortunately, my friend Sara Dobie Bauer did enjoy The Clockwork Dagger and wrote an amazing review. She also interviewed me a few days ago.

– I’ve been pestering my writer-friends about where they bought their book plates or how they handled the whole issue. See, book plates are a nifty way to sign books at a distance. Instead of shipping the entire book, I sign an adhesive label, mail it, and the person can stick it inside their copy of the book. I decided to buy a customized stamp from Tiny Prints so I could use it for book plates, in-person signings, and most anything else. My pretty stamp arrived today!


I’ll post about book plates again after the novel comes out so that any interested folks can send me their address.