New Publications at the Start of 2017!

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Well, hi there. Things have been awfully busy here. I have a wee bit of breathing space between major deadlines, so I’m trying to get a thousand other things done. It looks like the next few months will stay pretty intense, too.

I sent out my newsletter today. If you’re signed up, check your spam folder! You don’t want to miss my Apple Snickerdoodle Bar recipe. If you’re not signed up, what the heck is wrong with you you can remedy that by looking at the right hand side of and putting your email address in that convenient little box. I’ll be revealing the cover of my new story collection on the Cato Log on January 12th, so sign up now so you won’t miss that!

I had several new works released in November and December. Here’s the latest:

10 Things Newly Manifested Wizards Should Never Do at Daily Science Fiction
– reprint podcast of “Overlap” at StarshipSofa

– “A Net to Snare a Unicorn” and “Preventative Measures” in Mythic Delirium 3.3
At the Very Least in Grievous Angel

Geeking Out
A Binge-Watcher’s Guide to the Great British Bake Off at B&N SFF Blog




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New Stories and Poems for November

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My focus has been on books this past while, but I still have shorter works coming out as well. Here’s the latest!

5 Big Reasons Literary Agents are Important Beyond the Book Deal

– “Moon Skin,” Swords & Steam Short Stories
– “A Recipe for Rain and Rainbows” (reprint), Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith

“Witch and Stick,” New Myths issue 36
“The Death of the Horse,” Remixt Magazine Volume 1 Issue 8
– “Morning During Migration Season” and “Horse and Girl,” Star*line 39.4


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Poetry Publications, Translations, & an Award Nom

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The past few weeks brought a small flurry of new poetry publications, a double feature podcast of my stories, the discovery of three of my Nature stories translated into other languages, and the astonishing honor of my story “Headspace” from Cats in Space as a finalist for WSFA Small Press Award!

Cats in SpaceTranslations
– “Human is Late to Feed the Cat” translated as “Hungry Cat” in German at Spektrum (Nature Magazine)
“Bread of Life” in Arabic at Arabic Nature Magazine
– “Post Apocalyptic Conversations with a Sidewalk” translated as “My Friend, the Walkway” in German at Spektrum (Nature Magazine)

Far Fetched Fables No. 119 Beth Cato double feature: “The Quest You Have Chosen Defies Your Fate” and “Cartographer’s Ink” read by Geoffrey Welchman and Martin Reyto

“The Box of Dust and Monsters,” Devilfish Review
“Keep This Mystery,” Zetetic
– “The Mermaid, On Display in Phoenix,” Spirit’s Tincture Issue 1 (click on the cover image to read online for free)




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New Publications Through July

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Oh hey, August is here. This month promises to be outright crazy with the release of my story collection (TOMORROW!) AND my new novel Breath of Earth out on the 23rd, the trip to WorldCon in Kansas City, and writing projects looming overhead like a Super Star Destroyer.

That means I need to catch up on website stuff now while I have a few spare minutes, ’cause I won’t have those soon.


An incredible honorable mention:
– Ellen Datlow included my poem “The City” from Mythic Delirium on her long list for best horror of the year!

Over at Novelocity:
5 Tips for Writers Writing Book Reviews
5 Tips to be a Prepared Panelist at an SFF Convention

Reprint story publication:
“American Shadow” in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination
– forthcoming in August: “A Recipe for Rain and Rainbows” in Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith

New poetry publications:
“Post-Apocalypse as Described by a Wine Reviewer” in Zetetic
“Footprints” and “Shopping Spree” in Star*line 39.3 (print only)



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B&N Gives Breath of Earth Some Love, And Other News

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Breath of Earth is out in about two and a half months, and it’s time for the buzz to really kick in. Publishers Weekly recently said nice things, and now Barnes & Noble’s SFF Blog is chiming in:

Her latest novel, Breath of Earth, out later this summer, takes place in an alternate San Francisco in which geomancers keep the San Andreas faultline in checkā€”and institutional sexism and racism keep Ingrid Carmichael from achieving her full magical potential. Cato weaves a compelling tapestry of clashing cultural values, bringing much-needed diversity to the genre.

Breath of EarthRead the whole list of books they loved in May–lots of great titles on there!

My Clockwork Dagger story Final Flight also garnered some love over at Reading Reality. Yay!

The big Elevengeddon signing event at Poisoned Pen was a smashing success last week. They did a wonderful write-up with loads of pictures.

I have a new poem out: “A Sip of Starlight” at

One of the big local papers, the Phoenix New Times, included me on their 2016 list of 100 Creatives in Phoenix.

I was also interviewed over at SFF World about the Decision Points anthology along with Mike Resnick and Kate Corcino.



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New Poem in Uncanny Magazine

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Issue10_MayJune16_coverFINAL_small_reallyUncanny Magazine just published a poem of mine that is near and dear to my heart. “Deeper Than Pie” is about a granddaughter’s love for her grandmother… and pie. My own grandma is in her 90s, and I rejoice in every moment I get to spend with her on trips back home. I cannot take that time for granted. I channeled a lot of that emotion into “Deeper Than Pie.”

My poem wasn’t simply published online, either. It’s also included in Episode 10a of the Uncanny Podcast, sandwiched between an extraordinary story by Seanan McGuire and an interview with Seanan. (Oddly enough, I was featured in a Far-Fetched Fables Podcast with Seanan a while back, too! I greatly admire her work, so this trend leaves me rather awed.)


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