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ARCs! Holy Taco Church!

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When an author gets copies of the book she has yearned to hold her entire life, it’s only right the book first be offered to the cat.

Porom with books

Porom the Cat, who would much rather nibble on my toes than pose for a photo op.

Then the book must be read to Big Blue, because that’s the kind of thing monsters demand.

Reading to Big Blue

Reading time for a Dragon Quest Slime.

The books were also loved, hugged, and named George.

I just have the four copies for now, and no, I haven’t decided what to do as far as contests or anything. These decisions are HARD, man.

In other news!

I’m a High Priestess of Churromancy in the Holy Taco Church. (I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Well, duh.”) But this is a Real Thing. It’s a whole bunch of awesome writers congregating to talk food and liquor and happy thoughts. To name drop, our Tacopope is Kevin Hearne and other members include Chuck Wendig, Jaye Wells, Diana Rowland, and Vicki Pettersen.

My first offering is up today: Churro Shortbread.


Yes, that’s a caduceus made of a churro and two tacos.

And because I’m hardcore, I created my own holy symbol.

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Sunday Quote has Phoenix Comicon next weekend

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“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

~Maya Angelou

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