B&N SFF Blog loved my new collection!

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Wow, this was an incredible surprise this week: the Barnes & Noble SFF Blog reviewed Red Dust and Dancing Horses and Other Stories, and they had some pretty nice things to say!

Red Dust cover

There is no feeling quite like reading a Beth Cato story, and it’s time more people experienced the sensation. The ones found in Red Dust and Dancing Horses would be a great place to start; they are intense, heartfelt epics in miniature, often focusing on the relationships and people at the heart of broader, more overtly magical events.

They discuss many stories and what they enjoyed about them, and wrap up everything with this lovely note.

In short, the stories in Red Dust and Dancing Horses are intense, sincere, and unusual, revealing their creator as a truly versatile talent, spanning fantasy, science fiction, horror, and all the subgenres in between. At the very least, it’s the rare book that will make you cry while reading about a fight between giant robots.

Well, dang. I’ll happily take that kind of feedback.

You can buy the book in paperback or ebook at Barnes & Noble, request it through your local indie store, or snag it at Amazon.