C.E. Murphy’s Fantasy Fudge

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Let’s be honest. I’m a C.E. Murphy fangirl. I found her books back when I was starting to write again and I really really wanted to be published. I learned how to write 1st person by reading her Walker Papers urban fantasy series. Through  a conversation about fudge (yes, really!) she ended up blurbing The Clockwork Dagger. (I’ll talk more about that on Bready or Not this coming Wednesday in a post I’ve had scheduled for months.)

Shaman RisesAfter the recent Kickstarter potato salad incident, she decided to do a fudge fundraiser via Indiegogo. I have eaten her maple and maple-ginger fudges–mailed all the way from Ireland to Arizona–and it is the kind of stuff that makes the heavens open up and angels sing and you don’t give a damn about the calorie content of what you’re eating, because ****FUDGE.*****

The Fantasy Fudge event is in its final hours. Go take a look at the goodies involved. For $5, you get a bunch of fudge recipes. The woman knows her stuff. I’m really hoping the funds cross the $5k mark so that she writes a story about her character Joanne trying to make fudge.