Clockwork Dagger Posts Galore

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The release of my story Final Flight means promo, promo, promo all over the place. Here are my recent posts and interviews–and there are more to come, too!

Final Flight story

Final Flight story

Guest blogs:
Fantasy Cafe’s Women in SFF Month: Beth Cato with The Healer as a Fighter
“Why I Write Steampunk” at The Spec Fiction Hub
Final Flight: A Father and Son Story in the World of Clockwork Dagger at the Qwillery
Beth Cato on Clockwork Daggers at SF Signal
Writing Short and Long Fiction with Beth Cato at Dan Koboldt’s site
Writers and their Beasts: Beth Cato at J. Kathleen Cheney’s site

Introducing Beth Cato of The Clockwork Dagger Series at The Steampunk Cavaliers
Beth Cato talks about Characters, Cooking and of course, her latest Clockwork Dagger off-shoot, The Final Flight with N.O.A. Rawle