Find my signed books at Powell’s in Downtown Portland & Beaverton!

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Last week, I made a trip to the Pacific Northwest. It was my first vacation in two years, and I had a great time! While I have been in Portland before, that usually involved blazing through on I-5. I never before had the chance to explore the place… or to see the wonders of Powell’s Books with my own eyes. I didn’t get to spend much time there, alas, (but I WILL be back), but I did sign my books that they had in stock!

Powells Cato section

I also stopped into the Beaverton/Cedar Hills Powell’s and signed their stock. I wish I’d had the chance to look in other bookstores in the area, but as is the nature of vacations, there simply was no time.

Powells Beaverton Cato books

Grab these books while they’re in stock!


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