Here, There, Everywhere: Wings of Sorrow and Bone

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Whew! This published author gig involves a lot of juggling (and not the literal kind, or everything would go splat in my face for sure). I’ve been balancing edits and promo for my novella and news on other submissions and life stuff in general. My husband’s co-workers were actually asking after my health because I hadn’t sent along cookies for two weeks.

Wings of Sorrow and Bone novella

Here’s where I’ve been on the interwebs as I spread the word about “Wings of Sorrow and Bone”:

Gremlins in the Clockwork Dagger novella at SFSignal

Getting the Submissions Call for The Clockwork Dagger, at Michelle Hauck’s site

Writing a Novella: Wings of Sorrow and Bone, at Dan Koboldt’s site

– Katherine Harbour interviews me about “Wings of Sorrow and Bone”

How I wrote a novella in 4 easy (?) steps at Auston Habershaw’s site

Rivka and the Gremlins in Wings of Sorrow and Bone at Books by Centeno

Interview at I’m Shelf-ish about Wings of Sorrow and Bone

The novella remains a mere 99-cents at all major ebook vendors, too, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.