New Publications Galore!

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I’ve had a lot of works published in September and in recent days. Here’s the recap, and expect another post soon–I’ll have more things published in October!

“Your Cat” at Daily Science Fiction. A tear-jerker about time travel and cats.

“Shared Pain” in Nature. A story for those of us who deal with chronic pain.

– A story based on the letter H in the new anthology G is for Ghosts, just released on Tuesday, and available for purchase everywhere! My story features airships, floating islands, and spirits who just want to get home.

– Southwest Review Volume 106, No. 3, a prestigious literary magazine, just published my poem “The Exorcist Does a Consultation and No More” in their Halloween issue.

– Star*Line 44.3 includes my poem “Out of All the Experiences.” 

Issue 2 of Black Cat Magazine is available for free download, which features my poem “As if My Anxiety is at Last Depleted.”

“But You Mustn’t Look Back,” a poem co-written with Rhonda Parrish, in the October 1st issue of The Dread Machine.