Release of The World Weavers: A Desert Rising Novel by Kelley Grant

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I’m happy to spread the word that one of my fellow Harper Voyager Impulse buddies is releasing her third book today! Congratulations, Kelley!

World Weavers follows the events of Desert Rising and The Obsidian Temple. Grab the whole trilogy and read’em all in a row!

World Weavers

It has been a year since Sulis Hasifel fled to the desert, narrowly escaping death at the hands of a vengeful god. The time of the final battle, the final confrontation with the deities of her world, is nearing. Lured by the call of their long-trapped powers, the deities will descend upon the Obsidian Temple, where the Chosen await.

But the war between gods and humans has enveloped the entire land. Sulis’s twin, Kadar, joins forces with the nomadic warrior tribes of the desert. Little by little, the desert armies draw the deities away from their stronghold in the north, towards their doom.

In the face of a battle that will reshape mankind’s destiny and the face of the earth itself, old friendships will be tested and new alliances forged. In this spellbinding denouement to Desert Rising and The Obsidian Temple, Kelley Grant brings her epic trilogy to a thunderous and powerful conclusion.

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