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I’m headed to World Fantasy Con in San Antonio next week! My panel schedule is light for once–that means I actually get to attend other panels and readings! Yay! I will also be doing the tourist thing with Novella the Sloth as my stalwart companion. I’ve been to San Antonio a few times before, but there is always more to see… and taste. I’m going to hunt me down some good BBQ.

I am already being asked,” Will you bring cookies?” The answer, of course, is YES! That said, I’m encouraging folks to get cookies at two particular places:
– I’m donating cookies to the Tiptree Award bake sale that takes place Friday 12:30-3pm in the hospitality suite. Buy my cookies, support a great cause!
– I’ll be at the Fairwood Press booth in the exhibit hall to sign Red Dust and Dancing Horses. You don’t have to buy a book to get a cookie, but the books will be right there, so I hope some people will be enticed to acquire new reading material.

Thursday Panel
02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (1 hour)
Where: WR – ExecSalon 2 (Ardath Mayhar)
Guns, Gears and Wheels: Making Plausible Historical Choices in an Industrializing World
Some fantasies focus on the natural magics inherent in the world; others on derived magics found or developed by human or nonhuman cultures. Writers have to balance the existence of magic with the development of technology over time. Tolkien envisioned human industry and technology as part of the evil. Roger Zelazny played magic against technology in his Changeling stories. Neal Stephenson directly examined the place of technology in a monastic society in Anathem. Our panelists will discuss what historical inventions would change in a world that includes magic. What are the continuing prospects for technology in historical fantasy and who is doing it right?
With Alan Smale (mod), moi, Stina Leicht, Tracy Caulfield


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