Booksignings and Other Mind-Boggling Things

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This has been one weird, crazy week. Things have started to calm down, which is good. I’ve been working on a lot of promo guest blogs and interviews over the past while, and it’s nice to return to some short stories.

I did have one big surprise this weekend. Last week I had a guest post over on Bookish. Well, through some shares on Twitter, I found this post was also published on USA Today. Like, whoa.

Another piece of good news: I survived my first booksigning! Mind you, I’ve signed lots of books before, but always at home and most of them for family and friends back in California. Never in front of a crowd, for strangers, in a store.

Changing Hands had a whole table set up with stacks of my books. I had to do the Vanna White thing.

Table at Changing Hands

I ended up with a fabulous number of people there–fifteen or so. Pretty awesome for a debut author like me! In speaking with people afterward, some found me through the Arizona Republic article, my guest blog at Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds, by simply stopping to hear me speak in the store, plus several are good friends and friends of friends.

I spoke about the dream of becoming an author, then took questions, and capped things off with an excerpt.


It was so strange to see a full line of people waiting to have their book signed. I’ve stood in lines like that sooooooo many times; this time it was for me!


When everything was done, we cleaned up and I was heading out of the store. A man stopped me to compliment me on my steampunk outfit, and a minute later he returned with his wife. I ended up walking with them back to my table, where I signed a book for them! BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE CORSET.

Changing Hands had a big poster of my book cover up at the front of the store. I asked what they were going to do with it, and they happily handed it over to me. This is destined for a wall somewhere in my house.


I want to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone at Changing Hands Tempe for being so kind and welcoming. There’s no getting away from the cliche, because it’s the truth: this was a dream come true.

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Sunday Quote wonders if she’ll feel this way

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“It turns out that the perfect state of mind to edit your novel is two years after it’s published, ten minutes before you go onstage at a literary festival.” ~Zadie Smith

Clockwork Dagger

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Signing tonight!

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My first ever booksigning will take place tonight at 7pm at the Tempe location of Changing Hands. I’ll talk! Read! Likely with a stupid grin the whole time!

Clockwork Dagger

Oh yeah, and FOOD. Have you drooled over my Bready or Not recipes? Tonight you can stuff your face. The offerings (subject to substitution if quality control issues arise):

- MAPLE FUDGE BITES. Because I had to serve something maple.

- A whole new recipe for Candy-Stuffed Cookie Cups. Imagine chocolate chip cookie dough, with a Rolo or mini Milky Way stuffed inside, baked in a mini muffin pan. I’ll do a special feature with the recipe soon. I want to see how people like them tonight.

- Also, for the gluten-free folks, I’m doing a batch of brownies using Cup 4 Cup Brownie Mix, which looks like it has great taste reviews from Amazon, though I bought mine at Sprouts.

If you’re in the Phoenix area, do come by. Say hi. Just remember I’m at the TEMPE location. If you go to the Changing Hands in Phoenix, they are doing  a signing with a dude who makes all kinds of food in a waffle maker. It looks downright awesome. So yeah, if you to the wrong store I’ll be sad, but you get to find out how to make dinner in a waffle press so you don’t really lose.

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There are interviews with me in the two big Phoenix newspapers. I’m still gobsmacked about this.
- Buckeye author Beth Cato at Changing Hands Sept. 19

- Beth Cato on The Clockwork Dagger, Her Debut Steampunk/Fantasy Novel


Plus, I continue to visit fantastic blogs in the far reaches of the internet!

- Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds, where I discuss novel writing and depression in ACME Anvils and the Long Unicorn Ride to Publication.

- Literary Escapism, where I talk about the book’s Supporting Cast.

- Heroes and Heartbreakers with a list of Seven Steamy Steampunk Couples!

- No More Grumpy Bookseller with a guest post on Colorful Secondary Worlds.


The Big Blog Tour continues! Win a book and a parasol!

Clockwork Dagger

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