Poetry Publications, Translations, & an Award Nom

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The past few weeks brought a small flurry of new poetry publications, a double feature podcast of my stories, the discovery of three of my Nature stories translated into other languages, and the astonishing honor of my story “Headspace” from Cats in Space as a finalist for WSFA Small Press Award!

Cats in SpaceTranslations
– “Human is Late to Feed the Cat” translated as “Hungry Cat” in German at Spektrum (Nature Magazine)
“Bread of Life” in Arabic at Arabic Nature Magazine
– “Post Apocalyptic Conversations with a Sidewalk” translated as “My Friend, the Walkway” in German at Spektrum (Nature Magazine)

Far Fetched Fables No. 119 Beth Cato double feature: “The Quest You Have Chosen Defies Your Fate” and “Cartographer’s Ink” read by Geoffrey Welchman and Martin Reyto

“The Box of Dust and Monsters,” Devilfish Review
“Keep This Mystery,” Zetetic
– “The Mermaid, On Display in Phoenix,” Spirit’s Tincture Issue 1 (click on the cover image to read online for free)




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New Publications Through July

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Oh hey, August is here. This month promises to be outright crazy with the release of my story collection (TOMORROW!) AND my new novel Breath of Earth out on the 23rd, the trip to WorldCon in Kansas City, and writing projects looming overhead like a Super Star Destroyer.

That means I need to catch up on website stuff now while I have a few spare minutes, ’cause I won’t have those soon.


An incredible honorable mention:
– Ellen Datlow included my poem “The City” from Mythic Delirium on her long list for best horror of the year!

Over at Novelocity:
5 Tips for Writers Writing Book Reviews
5 Tips to be a Prepared Panelist at an SFF Convention

Reprint story publication:
“American Shadow” in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination
– forthcoming in August: “A Recipe for Rain and Rainbows” in Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith

New poetry publications:
“Post-Apocalypse as Described by a Wine Reviewer” in Zetetic
“Footprints” and “Shopping Spree” in Star*line 39.3 (print only)



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Free Public SFF Booksigning in Chicago May 13th

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The Nebula Conference is a week and a half away (yikes!). I’ll be there Friday through Sunday, taking part in events at the conference and at BEA/BookCon not far away. My previous “visit’ to Chicago consisted of a switch between connecting flights at Midway Airport back in 2003, so I’m pretty excited to explore a city that I have seen on TV my entire life. The land of Oprah! And Navy Bootcamp!

But let’s get to the to-do that is mentioned in the topic. On Friday May 13th, there is a huge booksigning that is free and totally open to the public. Take a look at the image below to get an idea of the authors who will be present. I mean, wow. You can bring books or buy from a bookseller there. This will be awesome!



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Locus Awards 2016 – Novella Consideration

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Well, it’s now time for people to vote for the annual Locus Awards. As you might recall, Clockwork Dagger ended up as a finalist for 1st Novel last year; it’d sure be nifty to make the final ballot again.

The work I want to emphasize is my Nebula-finalist novella, Wings of Sorrow and Bone. If you 1) read it, and 2) liked it, please type it in under the novella category and add a rank!

One thing that sets these awards apart from the other major genre awards is that ANYONE can vote. All you need to do is fill in your name, email, and vote in whatever category you want. The ballot is huge. You don’t have to fill in everything.

Take a look and vote! The deadline is April 15th.

Wings of Sorrow and Bone novella#SFWAPro

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Marching Onward: Recent Publications

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In January, I was occupied with writing Call of Fire. February was spent in heavy revisions on that book. With it currently with first readers, I can now turn my attention to everything that’s been ignored in 2016, like my website, poetry re-submissions, promotional work, and things around the house, too. It’s been pretty overwhelming. Every time I think, “Yeah! I’m caught up!” I have three more things land on me. But hey, that’s life. I’m staying busy, and that keeps me happy.

Final Flight story
If you poke around my site, you’ll see a new Breath of Earth page is online. There is also info on the reading order for the Clockwork Dagger series and the new story that comes out next month, Final Flight!

My events for the year have been updated, too. They form a sizable column on the right-hand side.

The Bibliography page has also been updated with some recent publications like:
– my poem “To Ride the Puca” in Kaleidotrope
– three poems in the issue 39.1 of Star*Line: “Window View,” “Apology Letter from the Aliens,” & “No More Broomsticks for Me”
– that my poem “Fried Okra” (originally published in Tales of the Talisman) has been nominated for Rhysling Award

– my story “The Sweetness of Bitter” has been reprinted in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination


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What a Nebula Nomination Is

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I originally posted this on Facebook, and it had such a good reaction that I decided to post it on my blog as well, as I know some family members subscribe to my blog feed. The TL;DR version: Wings of Sorrow and Bone is a Nebula nominee in the novella category. This is a HUGE deal.

A full list of this year’s nominees can be found here.


I was asked what a Nebula nomination really *is*. It’s comparable to an Oscar nomination, I suppose.

Within science fiction and fantasy fiction, the Nebulas (voted on by members of SFWA, a professional writers’ organization) and the Hugos (voted on by supporters and attendees of the annual WorldCon) are THE biggest awards, followed by others like the Locus Award, World Fantasy Award, etc.

Being a Nebula nominee is a huge deal. It’s the kind of thing that gets mentioned on book covers and in reviews (it can also lead to book deals and reviews). It’s high validation from my peers. Go look at Wikipedia at the works that have won these awards–I bet you’ll recognize names and titles!


Wings of Sorrow and Bone novella


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