Giftmas 2022: Fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank

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Giftmas 2022

I’m taking part in Giftmas again this year, an annual effort coordinated by Rhonda Parrish for the benefit of the Edmonton Food Bank. I don’t need to state the reasons why helping food banks is very important right now. We need to help each other out. A few bucks will help fill bellies and add warmth to the world through kindness. If you’re American like me, your dollars will deliver extra bang with each buck, too. This year our goal is $1,000 and if we reach it that will provide 3,000 meals to help make the season bright.

Please donate.

The Giftmas theme this time around is A Light in the Darkness.

Hi. I deal with chronic depression and anxiety. I know darkness. I know doubt. I’m agoraphobic. I already know this next year will be an incredibly hard one for me.

I’m thankful for what I have, though. That includes this big orange goof.


Finn is a trickster god in feline form. He loves everybody. He thinks laps were made for him, and he curls up there in a perfect Finnamon Roll. He is why we can’t leave out plastic bags or hang fake pine boughs along the stairs. If a bed is being made, he wants the sheets and blankets to land over him, creating a cozy Finn cave. I don’t know how he doesn’t suffocate.

Then there’s Luke. My thicc boi. He’s a cannonball in tabby skin. He fell in love with me in the shelter and considers me his human. He’s usually sleeping near my computer. If I go out shopping or need to cook, his anxiety flare up, and he gets frantic until I’m back at my computer–where he’ll then roll and purr and drool for 10 minutes until he tires himself out again.

These guys are my lights. I love them so much.

You can be someone else’s light, too. Again, please donate to the Edmonton Food Bank if you can, or to a local shelter in need. Remember that animal shelters often need donations of blankets, food, and litter as well.

Thank you.


  1. This is beautiful. My animal friends are also my light.

    • Thank you, Iseult! Yes, our animals friends are such blessings for us.

  2. I’m not sure that my guinea pigs are my light. Maybe my chorus. The latest two are exceptionally vocal, which is something the older pair find strange!
    Enjoyed your light in darkness post 🙂

    • Choruses are good, too! We can all use some musical back-up. Thank you so much for dropping by!