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I’m interrupting the usual flow of recipes and book news to bring you an important update: I am moving from scalding hot Arizona to the wintery wilds of Minnesota. That means you may see me at Twin Cities-area conventions and other Midwest gatherings in the coming years. Do you have a favorite? Are you involved with a convention or bookstore that’s looking for future guests? Well hey, drop a comment on this post, send an email via my contact form, reach out on social media–make a connection! (But also please understand if I’m slow to reply.)

As this move is happening at the same time as the full release of A Thousand Recipes for Revenge, I’m also looking for people to keep an eye out for promotions I might miss while in-transit and unpacking. There might be ads on Goodreads or Kindles, recommendations from Amazon–all kinds of things! If you see something, please try to get a picture or screencap and send it my way! Thank you in advance.


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