Release Day! I am Everywhere!

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YOU GUYS. The book is out and through the miracle of the internet I have duplicated myself to be on All the Web Sites to promote the release. Actually, all these links are proof of months of work but that’s all really boring to talk about.  There is so much love out there because I’m totally ignoring the haters as much as I can. My feelings are so deep and complicated, I can only express myself in cat gifs.

pretty kitty

kitten toes

happy thoughts

Ahem. That done, here’s the full proof of my presence everywhere!
First of all, today I have an Ask me Anything on reddit/Fantasy! Drop by and ask me questions. There’s also still an open topic on Goodreads where you can pose questions for the Sword and Laser broadcast.

My friend Lauren the Flute recorded a gorgeous rendition of “Pure Land” from the Secret of Mana soundtrack in honor of my book’s release!

Guest blogs:
My Favorite Bit in The Clockwork Crown: Gremlins at Mary Robinette Kowal’s site
Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Beth Cato (THE CLOCKWORK CROWN) on Sensory Overload
Seven Reasons to Read (and Write) Steampunk by Beth Cato at Bent Over Books
Picture association with Clockword Crown author Beth Cato at Sara Dobie Bauer’s Blog

My Superpower: BAKING at Skiffy and Fanty
The Most Wonderful, Agonizing Secret: Waiting to Announce a Book Deal at David Walton’s Blog

At Kings River Life. Also includes a review and a giveaway for Clockwork Crown!
With the Qwillery
SF Signal interview!

Wheeeee! Book! Buy it! Pretty please?

The Clockwork Crown by Beth Cato


  1. Happy Release Day Beth. Thanks for being my interviewee!

    • Thanks for the interview and for your generous retweets! Every bit helps.