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Posted by on Sep 24, 2016 in Blog, public speaking | 2 comments


I am starting a newsletter called the Cato Log (it’s a pun for catalog, get it?). I aim to send out at least one newsletter a month–which will include all of the newest Bready or Not links in one spot–plus more emails if there’s an ebook sale or other big news. In other words, I solemnly swear to never spam you, unless it’s a recipe that includes Spam (which isn’t very likely).

There’s a sign up link on the right side of or just plug in your address below!

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  1. Now I want a Spam recipe! If anyone could make it delicious, it would be you.
    Excellent pun, btw

    • I might do a Spam recipe at some point–if I can find one I like! The recipe would make an amusing newsletter bonus recipe.