Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Yes! out today & includes my story!

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Chicken Soup Power of Yes


A new Chicken Soup for the Soul book is out today. The Power of Yes! includes my story “Wrestling with Imposter Syndrome,” and though it doesn’t name names, is about the wonderful but challenging time I had attending Cascade Writers Workshop in 2012 right as my agent was about to send The Clockwork Dagger on submission to editors. If you’re struggling right now (gosh, who isn’t?), maybe my story and the others in this anthology will provide a positive boost to help you along.

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most everywhere else.

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New Stories and Poems for November

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My focus has been on books this past while, but I still have shorter works coming out as well. Here’s the latest!

5 Big Reasons Literary Agents are Important Beyond the Book Deal

– “Moon Skin,” Swords & Steam Short Stories
– “A Recipe for Rain and Rainbows” (reprint), Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith

“Witch and Stick,” New Myths issue 36
“The Death of the Horse,” Remixt Magazine Volume 1 Issue 8
– “Morning During Migration Season” and “Horse and Girl,” Star*line 39.4


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Double release day: Chicken Soup and Galactic Games

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This is quite a day, as I have two radically different stories out in radically different anthologies!

Galactic Games

Galactic Games is my first time in a Baen anthology! Yay! These stories follow different sports around a central theme of the titular Galactic Games. My story is “Minor Hockey Gods of Barstow Station,” with a team of disillusioned human roller hockey players stranded on a very cold alien space station. The table of contents for this book just blows me away: George R. R. Martin, Robert Silverberg, Seanan McGuire, Mercedes Lackey… wow. I’m thrilled that editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt is letting me mingle with the big kids.

Chicken Soup Spirit of America_sm

Meanwhile, my other book out today is Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of America. My story is one among 101 others, and is about my autistic son Nicholas and how we have learned how to celebrate the 4th of July in new, wonderful ways. This is one of those stories that makes me emotional because it hits me with a profound sense of homesickness. I guess the folks at Chicken Soup felt some of that vibe, too.


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Short Stuff Published in 2014

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I figured I should do a post on what I had published in 2014. I know I didn’t write as many new stories, though a number of my older ones found homes. What I didn’t realize was how many poems I had published. Wow. Dude.

So here’s the full list of my short works published in 2014. If you’re bored, maybe you’ll take a gander. (And I don’t mean you should thieve a goose.)


Short stories:

Podcast stories:

Mythic Delirium


The Cat Did What


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Tidings of Steampunk and Joy

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Print magazines have shown me some love this month, and I swear my mom didn’t even bribe anyone.

Locus - December 2014There’s a review of The Clockwork Dagger in the December issue of Locus. It’s… an awesome review, too. To quote:

“Beth Cato handles this heady mix with a fine sense of language, emotion and event, making the whole thing flow more like a force of nature than the work of a first novelist.”

I’m also included in an article in the December issue of RT Book Reviews, where Tessa Dare describes the panel we shared at MPIBA in Denver. The focus was on attracting millennial readers. My approach… well, you guys know by now.

excerpt from RT Book Reviews

I have a poem in the latest issue of! Here’s where you can read “How a Modern Green Man Grows.”

If you’re a writer in need of motivation/inspiration, you might want to ask Santa for a copy of Blood on the Floors: How Writers Survive Rejection. It includes a nonfiction story of mine called “Believing in Unicorns.”

I’m interviewed over at Authorlink.

The final news–and by no means the least important–is that the ebook sale for The Clockwork Dagger is still ongoing. It’s now $1.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and iTunes!

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