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Links of the Week

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I’m still wandering about the internet, though not in the frantic style I was a few weeks ago (thank goodness!). I’ve actually been working on FICTION again. It feels good! These past few days, I tore apart a story I wrote back in August, one I mentally worked on for months because the subject matter intimidated me. That makes me feel even more accomplished now that it’s coming together.

I wrote another new story at the end of September, too. That one is being critiqued right now. I hope to start work on those edits soon. I love this later stage of revisions… once I figure out what I’m doing.

New poetry publications:
“Grandfather and Granddaughter (Age 5),” Devilfish Review
“Nisei” and “Seeds” (reprinted), Mythic Delirium Anthology; available in all formats

Socializing in happily geeky ways:
SF Signal: Words We Learned From Genre Fiction

– Over at the Holy Taco Church, I amp up the pumpkin spice goodness with Pumpkin Cheesecake Sopapillas, which use fast ingredients from the store.

Guest blogging about the book:
“Romance in the Clockwork Dagger” at Reading Between the Wines

Really nice mentions of the book: Sleeps With Monsters: Books, Redux by Liz Bourke with a lovely mini review

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Links of the Week

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First of all, the ZOMG link of the week: an amazing review of The Clockwork Dagger over on Yes, THE NPR.

This means I’ve now had features in Entertainment Weekly, USA Today,, and the Arizona Republic in the past week and a half, and I wasn’t even arrested!

I am still blog touring and popping up here and there and everywhere.

– My story “Post-Apocalyptic Conversations with a Sidewalk” was just published in Nature! This is one of my favorite works for the whole year.

– I’m interviewed at The Nameless Zine.

– At Write 1 Sub 1 I tell all about “The Horror of Revision Letters.”

Rhonda Parrish interviewed me at her blog.

The second half of my podcast is up at Kingdoms of Evil!


The blog tour for the book and parasol ENDS TODAY. Check it out and spread the word, please!

[9/16: Me signing my first books in public at the Goodyear, Arizona, Barnes & Noble]

[9/16: Me signing my first books in public at the Goodyear, Arizona, Barnes & Noble]

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Peripatetic Blogging and More

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Another happy review from a major site!

Kirkus Reviews, Top Picks for Speculative Fiction Reads in September: “This steampunk fantasy includes all the right elements for a rip-roaring adventure.”

New publication! A poem – “To Walk Upon Clouds” at

Holy Taco Church post for September–a review of Gadzooks, an acclaimed restaurant in downtown Phoenix!


I’m also blogging, uh, everywhere.

Essay: “How OWW inspired Me to Write Steampunk” in the September Online Writing Workshop Newsletter.

Chat Log from Wednesday’s #sffrtcht can be found here.

Clockwork Cookie Blog Tour

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles with Pam Wallace

Shokupan Bread with Lee Hallison

Buttery Beer Bread with Darusha Wehm

Cheap Korean-Style Beef with Jodi Scaife

Double Irish Cream Cookies with Erin Hartshorn

If I forgot something or someone, my apologies. The crazy OMG-BOOK-RELEASE stuff has definitely kicked in these past two days.

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Take a Listen

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A few years ago, I published a story called “La Rosa Still in Bloom” in the Sidekicks & Minions issue of Crossed Genres; it’s a different sort of post-apocalyptic tale, with an older, disabled Latina heroine who used to be a vigilante hero on the streets of Los Angeles. I’m delighted to announce that the story is now available in audio and print over at Comets and Criminals. The reader is Catherine Smith, and she does a wonderful job.

This is actually the first in a series of podcasts that will be available in the next while. I have works forthcoming in Toasted Cake, Cast of Wonders, and Escape Pod!

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Churros and Gorgons

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Links to mischief elsewhere!

At the Holy Taco Church, I posted my recipe for stuffed churro nuggets. They are fast, delicious, and a total make-ahead-for-a-party snacky dessert.

Meanwhile, I had a new story published at Every Day Fiction. “Bad Snake Day” features your typical gorgon-next-door with a misbehaving head of snakes and a blind date mere hours away.

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