Stories out in Uncanny Magazine & in book Little Green Men–Attack!

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Today’s a big double-whammy publication day! I have two brand-new stories out in the world, both in awesome publications.


First of all, my story “With Cardamom I’ll Bind Their Lips” is in Uncanny Magazine! Not only can you read the story, but it’s also featured in their podcast along with an interview with me. I kinda love this story. It’s about a girl sleuth/apprentice ghost sealer who happens to talk to animals, and like so many child sleuths, her investigation leads her down a very dangerous path indeed.

Little Green Men Attack

My other release is in a humorous anthology from Baen: Little Green Men–Attack! All of the stories use little green aliens in some way. Mine happens to be about a violent take on Victorian roller derby, “A Fine Night for Tea and Bludgeoning.” And it’s funny! With an alien named Elvis! (I don’t have much luck with funny stories. I try to write funny, and I’m told it’s “whimsical”. But this story actually turned out to be humorous, and now it’s in an anthology with my literary hero Elizabeth Moon. So forgive me if I need to flail and dance.)

You can buy this book at Amazon, B&N, and pretty much anywhere.




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Breath of Earth on the Locus List!

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Huh. Breath of Earth made the 2016 Recommended Reading List at Locus in the Fantasy category. How about that?!

Breath of Earth

This is the time of year when initial nominations are due soon for some major genre awards. The Nebula deadline is February 15th. I do hope folks keep Breath of Earth in mind. It’s available for sale at all the usual places and is also found in many libraries worldwide.

I’m also asking readers to consider my story “The Souls of Horses” from Clockwork Phoenix 5–which also made the Locus list under anthologies! Ellen Datlow recommended my story on Twitter and it was also called out in a starred Publishers Weekly review of the anthology. The story can be read for free in its entirety online. If you’re a SFWA member, the PDF is available for download in the forums; look in the 2016 short stories section. Actually, take a look in the novel section, too. You might find some pleasant surprises.

Clockwork Phoenix 5



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Late January News & Publications

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This has been the January of Let’s Get a Million Things Done as I get ready to go on a big trip and to write my next book. Weird fact: I have a novel outline that’s 11,300 words in length. I have never had an outline that comprehensive, and I find it both intimidating and comforting.

Here are some new links to end the month!

Nice mentions:
– Rocket Stack Rank included my Galactic Games story “Minor Hockey Gods of Barstow Station” on their Hugo consideration list!
– Also on the subject of awards, Jason Sanford gave Breath of Earth a nod over in his recommendations.
– Fiction Unbound delighted me by mentioning Breath of Earth as a way to fight pre-inauguration blues. (It will also prove effective post-inauguration.)

New short story:
“Left Hand Awakens” at Perihelion SF

New poetry:
– “The Flesh is Weak” in Eye to the Telescope: Robots
– “Being Human” in Star*line 40.1
– “A Net to Snare a Unicorn” and “Preventative Measures” in Mythic Delirium 3.3

Oh yeah, and remember that collection I have coming out in November? You can preorder directly from the publisher for a nice discount right now! It’ll be available to order on Amazon and other sites later this year.

Red Dust and Dancing Horses



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New Publications at the Start of 2017!

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Well, hi there. Things have been awfully busy here. I have a wee bit of breathing space between major deadlines, so I’m trying to get a thousand other things done. It looks like the next few months will stay pretty intense, too.

I sent out my newsletter today. If you’re signed up, check your spam folder! You don’t want to miss my Apple Snickerdoodle Bar recipe. If you’re not signed up, what the heck is wrong with you you can remedy that by looking at the right hand side of and putting your email address in that convenient little box. I’ll be revealing the cover of my new story collection on the Cato Log on January 12th, so sign up now so you won’t miss that!

I had several new works released in November and December. Here’s the latest:

10 Things Newly Manifested Wizards Should Never Do at Daily Science Fiction
– reprint podcast of “Overlap” at StarshipSofa

– “A Net to Snare a Unicorn” and “Preventative Measures” in Mythic Delirium 3.3
At the Very Least in Grievous Angel

Geeking Out
A Binge-Watcher’s Guide to the Great British Bake Off at B&N SFF Blog




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D is for Dinosaur Cover Reveal

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I’m contributing a story to the fourth volume in the Alphabet Anthology series… and this new book focuses on DINOSAURS. How cool is that?! And here’s the cover, revealed this week:

D is for Dinosaur

For the fourth installment of Rhonda Parrish’s Alphabet Anthologies, contributors were challenged to write about dinosaurs. The resulting twenty-six stories contain widely different interpretations of the dinosaur theme and span the spectrum from literal to metaphoric.

Within these pages stories set in alternate histories, far-flung futures and times just around the corner, dinosaurs whimper and waste away, or roar and rage. People can be dinosaurs, as can ideas, fictions and flesh. Knitted dinosaurs share space with ghostly, genetically engineered and even narcotic ones.

Teenagers must embrace their inner dinosaurs in order to find peace and belonging, a dying woman duels a God in a far future city that echoes aspects of our past, an abused wife accompanies her husband on a hunt for an ancient power and finds more than she could ever have imagined and a girl with wonderful magical powers stumbles across the bones of a giant long-dead lizard. And so much more!

The book will be released on February 21st. It’s already listed on LibraryThing and Goodreads.


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B is for Broken 99-cents at Kobo through the 28th

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The B is for Broken anthology is on sale for 99-cents today through November 28th over at Kobo! The book features 26 diverse stories around the theme of “broken.” My story is for the letter K, and I won’t say more than that.

This is a steal of a buy, so grab it at Kobo while this price lasts!



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