Publishers Weekly enjoyed Breath of Earth!

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Breath of Earth

Breath of Earth is out three months from today, and that means it’s time for the major trade reviews. Publishers Weekly said especially nice things: “Cato cleverly brings her colorful Barbary Coast–era San Francisco to life, highlighting the neglected perspectives of the outsiders and the dispossessed who made up the majority of its populace.”

Read the whole review over here!


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Clockwork Phoenix 5 Giveaway & Release

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Clockwork Phoenix 5I have written many stories, but “The Souls of Horses” is my favorite. That made months of consistent “this-is-great-but” personal rejections all the more frustrating. Last year, this story finally found a home, and a fantastic one at that: Clockwork Phoenix 5, the newest in a series of acclaimed anthologies.

The book is being released tomorrow. Today, however, is the last day to enter a Goodreads giveaway to win a copy!

Clockwork Phoenix 5 is already garnering lots of positive attention. Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review, and called out my story, saying, “Perhaps the most difficult to classify is Beth Cato’s “The Souls of Horses,” which explores an unusual side of the U.S. Civil War. All the stories afford thought-provoking glimpses into alternative realities that linger, sparking unconventional thoughts, long after they are first encountered.”

At SF Signal, A.C. Wise’s column recommending women to read said, “It’s clear this story is close to the author’s heart, and that, along with all its other wonderful qualities, makes it an excellent starting place for [Cato’s] work.”

365 Short Stories also published a lovely review starting with, “Man, what a fantastic way to conclude this anthology.”

Heck, I’ll take that.

It sure feels good to see people respond so positively to my story after such a long, frustrating slog for an acceptance.


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Happy Links to Start October

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Let’s start off the month with a bunch of happy links!

I had two new poems published this week:
– a YA poem with a magical take on bullying and abuse: “Obsidian” at Kaleidotrope
– a somewhat creepy steampunk poem called “The City” in Mythic Delirium

Then my poem “Sorry,” published earlier this year at Mobius Magazine, was nominated for Best of the Net.


Then there’s the cool miscellaneous stuff…
a three minute on-camera interview with The Daily Quirk, recorded at San Diego Comic-Con

– Amy Sisson reviews my story from Nature, “Bread of Life,” and says nice things!

– I was name-dropped in the Functional Nerds Podcast at about the 34 minute mark. This tickles me to no end because of Patrick Hester talks about my cookies. Also, buy Fran Wilde’s book Updraft. It’s awesome.

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Links to Start September

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First of all, two reminders: I’m doing a booksigning at the Phoenix Metro Center Barnes & Noble on Saturday September 12th from 1-3pm. I’m also traveling to Houston on September 26th to team up with Chuck Wendig and Richard Kadrey for a signing! This is at Murder by the Book at 4:30pm. I bet there will be shenanigans.

When you were a kid, did you ever have issues with the floor turning to lava when the vacuum was turned on? I have a poem at Zetetic about this common childhood plight: “The Reason I Limp.”

Rhonda Parrish interviewed me about my story in B is for Broken.

Over at A Dribble of Ink, I’m listed in great company as A Foodie Fantasy Author.

I’m also listed as a Not-So-Invisible Ninja at Charles Stross’s Antipope site–because some daft guys still insist that there are no women writers in science fiction and fantasy. I don’t know how to explain their blindness, either. But then, I’m also mystified by people who can stay awake during baseball games.


My story from last year, “The Cartography of Shattered Trees,” is still getting attention along with other stories in the FAE anthology. Jorie Loves a Story has incredibly kind things to say.

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Going Big Time

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I had a big ol’ pile of links the other day and today I return with even more. I mean, whoa. The attention this week. My mind is all…


Review of Clockwork Crown at …”Although Crown operates on a sprawling scale, it’s impeccably paced and compact, making for a potent conclusion to Cato’s rousing steampunk tale as well as a study in how less can be so much more.”

An excerpt at USA Today!

My post at John Scalzi’s Big Idea: Healers are heroes too, darnit.

Over at Bookish I have a list of five diverse steampunk books.

The Hook: The Clockwork Crown at Alex Shvartsman’s blog.

Wednesday morning I was interviewed by Professor Terry Lovell at KYCA out of Prescott. For a limited time, you can listen to that here. [Note: I was SO NERVOUS doing the interview but I made it through! I think I earned a piece of the Triforce for that.]

The wonderful David Nilsen at the Greenville, Ohio, Public Library invited me back to the Fourth & Sycamore blog with an interview and excerpt.

Wag the Fox interviewed me at Heavy Is the Steampunk That Wears the Crown: an interview with Beth Cato, author of “The Clockwork Crown.”

Romantic Tension in The Clockwork Crown at Coffee Time Romance.

The Clockwork Crown by Beth Cato

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Four and a Half Stars!

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Oh my! RT Book Reviews gave The Clockwork Crown a whopping 4 1/2 Stars!

This sequel to Cato’s amazing steampunk adventure The Clockwork Dagger has all the imagination, treachery and nonstop thrills of the first. Magical healer Octavia Leander is both fleeing assassins and hunting for answers regarding the transformation she appears to be undergoing. Just try catching your breath as this electrifying tale races across exotic lands in a desperate quest to find the truth and stop a potential apocalypse. Cato and steampunk fantasy are truly an excellent match!

You can read the full review over here–it is spoilerish if you haven’t read Dagger yet.

The Clockwork Crown by Beth Cato

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